Health Benefits

Sugar cane that is commonly cultivated in tropical countries possesses exceptional health properties. It tastes sweet and can serve as a healthy substitute for sugar and other sweeteners. It can be added to cereal, smoothies, and juices, enriching these dishes with important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Why Sugar Cane Juice and Sugar Cane Are Good for Health


People have been using sugarcane for thousands of years. It is a staple in many tropical countries. However, most people know very little about it. In fact, this plant that is processed to make a cool and nutritious drink has a number of health benefits.

The scientific name of this plant is Succharumofficinarum L. It contains a lot of water and a lot of Saccharose sugar that accounts for its sweet taste. In addition, it contains carbohydrates and amino acids, including the essential amino acids which supply the body with the key nutrients. Sugar cane is also a rich source of vitamins, including Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, B2, B6, as well as calcium, phosphorus, iron, plus succinic, fumaric, malic and citric organic acids.

So now let’s focus on all health benefits of sugar cane juice and sugar cane.

1. Improve the Immune System

A rich source of minerals, vitamins and such nutrients as chlorophyll, antioxidants, protein, fiber, and more, sugar cane helps build up the immunity. It prevents cancer, stabilizes blood sugar levels, reduces fever and convulsions, purifies kidneys and rejuvenates all body organs, including eyes and brain. At the same time sugar cane is effectively used to decrease cholesterol and triglycerides in the body.

2. Prevent Tooth Decay

As it contains lots of minerals, sugar cane juice fights tooth decay and helps eliminate the bad breath. So make it a habit of eating a piece of sugar cane after each meal as a delicious dessert.

3. Help Treat Jaundice

Sugar cane is an effective remedy for jaundice. People with jaundice should drink daily two glasses of sugar cane juice with lemon and salt added in it. This drink also boosts energy, so you will stay up all day without feeling tired.

4. Cure Flu and Sore Throat

A glass of sugar cane juice daily helps prevent catching flu, colds and cures sore throat.

5. Provide Antioxidants

Sugar cane juice contains lots of flavonoids and phenolic substances. They possess anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anticancer properties. So after spending a day on the beach or coming home from work a cool glass of sugar cane juice is what you need to restore energy.


6. Prevent Prostate Cancer and Breast Cancer

Rich in iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium sugarcane juice is alkaline drink. As cancer cannot develop in alkaline environmens sugar cane juice is widely used as a cancer preventive solution.

7. Moisturize the Body

Drink sugar cane juice in hot summer days to quench the thirst and keep your body hydrated.

8. Make Skin Beautiful

Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) found in sugar cane is good for your skin. It is recommended to apply sugar cane juice on your skin as a facemask as an effective anti-aging skin solution that moisturizes the skin and prevents acne. Such mask will reduce acnes if you have an acne prone type of skin. Regular use of sugar cane juice will ensure your skin is radiant and smooth.

Here is a recipe how you can cure dermatitis. First, bake the purple sugar cane bark to get the ash. Then mix the crushed ash with crushed sesame seed oil and apply to your skin. When there are painful cracks on your lips, make sure you dab some sugar cane juice onto your skin and keep drinking the sugar cane juice regularly.

You can also apply clean sugar cane juice to your upper and lower eyelids to eliminate swollen eyes, red eye, and eye inflammation. Sugar cane juice is a key ingredient of the following ant- wrinkle solution: mix 2 teaspoons of sugar cane juice with turmeric powder, apply to the skin, wait for 10 minutes and rinse with clean water.


9. Prevent Kidney Stones

As sugar cane juice is an excellent body moisturizer it is great at preventing and eliminating kidney stones. Scientists proved that dehydration is the primary cause of kidney stone formation. So consuming sugar cane juice for an extended period of time you can prevent kidney stones, and even eliminate ones if you already have them.

10. Reduce Vomiting, Swelling During Pregnancy

Sugar cane juice can help pregnant women with toxicosis feel much better. Pregnant women who suffer from toxicosis can drink fresh sugar cane juice mixed with ginger once a day. Women who experience swelling in the last trimester of pregnancy will feel better if they drink several glasses of sugar cane juice a day.


Sugarcane juice has a number of health benefits. First of all it is known to prevent heart diseases and stroke as it reduces the level of cholesterol and triglycerides.


Also natural sugarcane juice can serve as an excellent substitute for sugar and helps treat diabetes. Sugarcane has a low gylcemic index (GI), so people with diabetes can drink it without fear.

Boasting high potassium levels sugarcane juice facilitates digestion. It not only helps keep the digestive system healthy, but can also prevent stomach infections and constipation.