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Conveniently located in The Dandenong Market and The Glen, Saccha prides itself on offering the best quality sugarcane juice! Drop by today.

Our variety of sugarcane Juices are sure to give you a sensational experience on your taste buds and health!

Our Wide Selection of Premium Sugarcane Juices

The company Saccha Pty Ltd was founded in 2012 and is trading at markets and festivals since 2017. Saccha is a healthy and active lifestyle company that is committed to providing a wide selection of freshly pressed juices, including:

  • Freshly crushed sugarcane juice
  • Organic produce
  • Fresh fruits and berries

In order to give you the very best, every glass of juice uses the highest quality produce that are freshly made to order. Moreover, concerned about the environment, we use only environmentally friendly packaging, biocups and 100% compostable straws made from plants.

Please note that all our juices are 100% vegan. Visit us today!

We deliver an experience that is second to none


Sugarcane Juice, Melbourne

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Sugarcane Juice Specialists

Here at Saccha, we are a vibrant and innovative beverage business, providing fresh, nutritious and premium quality sugarcane juice to a culturally diverse target market!

Our Australian sugarcane is harvested between 18 to 22 month to provide the maximum nutritional value. Moreover, over the years we have evolved from the traditional sugarcane juice vendor to being the first sugarcane operator, creating a new way of juicing sugarcane. Our process of juicing is visual, engaging and sustainable.

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We provide fresh sugarcane juice


Healthy Juices, Melbourne

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Years of experience

We have 5 years of experience in the industry

Quality products

We use only the best produce


Our juices are 100% vegan

Excellent customer service

Our highly dedicated team is always on-hand to assist you

To learn more about Saccha, call today!

We deliver to consistent quality services.


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